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BEST Lunges for a Pefect BUTT!

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Lunges are one of the best exercises you can do to get a rounder bubble butt and sexy legs. Try these different lunges out.
For the #1 Butt Workout Plan:

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6 thoughts on “BEST Lunges for a Pefect BUTT!

  1. I would like the colors bands, ropes, weight for feet how can I get them. Do you have all the little exercise tools selling, how can I get them.

  2. What happen to cooling down exercise. When you finish exercise you must have a cooling and stretch exercise. You can’t stop the exercise like that and no cooling down.

  3. I am very skinny and I want abs and thickness in legs and thighs and sexy butt.
    Seems like each day it’s the same exercise
    You repeat the same exercise very day so far

  4. I hope this challenge work.
    Can I get the 30 days challenge in order. I only see 1 and 2 on link. Where are the other days from day 3 up to 30.

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