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Breakfast Smoothie recipe for weight loss | Oats and Banana

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Hello Friends , This is Shyam Sawant – ISSA Certification in Nutrition.

Try this healthy and tasty smoothie for your weight loss goal as a breakfast option. It has –
1) Complex carbohydrates for whole day energy and keeping your fuller for longer so you wont get hungry soon
2) Protein for your muscles and other body functions
3) Good healthy mono and poly unsaturated fats for heart and brain

Remember friends , you will achieve weight loss simply by reducing your calorie intake below your maintenance calories , but to protect your all important muscles and target the stored body fat you need protein. Even a normal person needs around 1gm of protein per 1kg of his weight. So if you weight 70 kg , you need 70 gms protein at minimum.
So which ever weight loss diet you follow , this super healthy smoothie can definitely be part of your diet as it has all the 3 macro-nutrient that body needs along with vitamins.

You can customize this smoothie for your weight gain goal as well which will help you gain good healthy clean weight. Put your comments / questions in comment section below and I will let you know how we can do this.

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