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How Much Muscle is Too Much?

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In this video we discuss the current state of bodybuilding, and whether or not Big Ramy is as big as a bodybuilder can get.
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10 thoughts on “How Much Muscle is Too Much?

  1. Muscle also has a much higher cardiac load than fat… 1 pound of muscle requires much more blood to be pumped to it than 1 pound of fat.

    1. I’m no expert, but as we are all pointing out and those knowledgeable are explaining, its a combination of things. Simply put these men and women push their bodies way past normal levels and it takes its toll. Some of them can handle it better, some of them consider their health and attempt to preserve themselves for years to come. Overall the muscle mass, PEDs, lifestyle, injuries, diets and other supplements permanently harm them as the years go by. Whose to blame? should anyone be blamed?

    2. At least muscle actually does something for you. It helps you lift and such. Fat has only one purpose: energy storage. That’s like asking the question
      “Should I get a 16-core CPU or get 12TB of HDD storage?”

    3. Antun Šturlić Source on that? There’s no possible way that runners have hearts 3-5 times bigger. From anything I’ve seen it’s about 50% bigger than a regular person. If that was the case steroid users would have hearts 10x the size.

    4. Wow I didn’t know that. Explains why men who bodybuild and actually men in general vs women have heart attacks more than women. Cool to know.

  2. I still belive that in terms of Mass Monster bodybuilder – No one was better than Ronnie. For almost 16 years already. Roelly loooks great but not even close.
    And If and when guy like this comes again – all that “shift” to more classic side will go down.
    Same with classic physiqe. If someone with more massive and impressive biceps and chest like Arnold will come along – no one will be able to compete with that. They all look kinda the same now. People need and like more “wow” effect.

  3. As a guy that’s actually the same size as big ramy *I’m 6ft 5 and 315lbs* I can tell you 350lbs is tough on the knees and lower back. I don’t think average to even “big guys” even get what it’s like to be north of 300 your entire life and the stuff you go thru dealing with it. I mean I appreciate body builders because I have that kinda physique to start with but looking at him I’d never want to be that heavy again, muscular or fat. It’s not fun I mean seeing guys like me and brian shaw on airplanes.. Yeah it’s really that bad when your shoulders nearly touch the overhead cargo. And brian’s 3 inches taller and 100+ lbs heavier then i am. I can’t imagine he’s gonna love being 40 with the knee work he’s done.. By 50 he might be just lucky to walk normally. I’m 50 and I can tell you walking isn’t as much fun as it used to be.

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