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Squats vs Lunges! Better Butt Exercise….

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In this video I want to talk about squats vs lunges. Both of these are really great exercises to work out your butt and your legs. but each one has their pro’s and cons.

The great thing about lunges is that it allows you to work out one leg at a time. this has many advantages. for one, many people have muscle imbalances and doing exercises such as squats, where they do two legs at a time can actually cause back pain and other problems. with one legged exercises such as lunges, you wont have this kind of problem. so in a way, lunges are safer and better for most people.

Another advantage with lunges is that you don’t need as much weight to get a great workout. for squats, I might need to use a 50 or heavier pound barbell to really challenge myself. while with lunges, because I am doing one leg at a time, a 20 pound weight vest might challenge me.

Squats also offer some great advantages. one, because you are using two legs at a time, it’s much easier to balance which allows you to use even more weight. and the more weight you use, the more you build up your butt and legs. Since you’re also using two legs at a time, you can get your workout done faster versus when you do one leg at time.

Each exercise has its pros and cons. I always tell people to try them both and see which one is working better for them. If you can do both perfectly correct, then great! do them both. But I find that for most beginners, they’ll find one exercise to be easier than the other when first learning. for example, I have a friend that because she has muscle imbalances, she does not do squats at all. She only does one legged exercises such as stepping back lunges, curtsy lunges, etc., and she has seen amazing results in her butt and legs. I have another friend that loves squats and she has great form when doing squats. she has also seen great results in her butt and legs mostly from doing squats. I personally like to do a combination of the two, although I lean more to the lunges, curtsy lunges being my favorite.

In the 30 day butt transformation workout program, we are going to teach you different types of squat and lunge exercises and how to incorporate them into your workout. and as you do the workouts, you might find that lunges are working better for you, or squats are working better for you. or, you love doing a combination of both! So be sure to check it out and get started on your path to success!

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  1. I heard lunges with make ur butt go out and squats will make ur butt lift up…is that true or the other way around?

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