Perjalanan Gallon Workout Routine Day 3 – SIX PACK ABS

Halo GALON MANIA video kali ini berisi perjalanan workout saya HARI KETIGA, menggunakan equipment GALON AIR MINERAL 19 LITER. Target latihan OTOT PERUT. Imbangi dengan makan makanan berserat, makanan protein tinggi dan tidur malam minimal 7 jam dalam sehari serta minum air sebanyak 4 liter dalam sehari. Semoga video ini bermanfaat dan bisa

Abs Workout

Abs workout created by Selim Ventura. Instagram: slmventura I am trying to improve the quality of the videos, still learning but I hope it will be a useful ab workout for you. :)

Female Fitness Pumpings legs

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Important Tips for FAT LOSS / WEIGHT LOSS Health Tips In Urdu | hindi

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Female Fitness Workout Motivation 2016 – It’s My Life

Female Fitness Workout Motivation 2016 - It's My Life The Ultimate Female Fitness Motivation, day after day, working out can feel like a drill. Yet fitness devotees somehow muster the female fitness motivation to get exercise regularly. ------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching..!! Please Subscribe & share these videos with your friends. GOOD LUCK..!!

Fitness Motivation – Girls On The Horizontal And Parallel Bars

Fitness Motivation - Girls On The Horizontal And Parallel Bars Fitness motivation- Don't let people tell you that everyday life changes are hard. Don't let people tell you that your dreams are unrealistic or stupid. Use that nonsense to fuel your dreams! Anything is possible with knowledge and dedication! Have a