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The magic behind burning fat like crazy

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I was watching a show on the boob tube yesterday called ‘Magicians secrets revealed.’ It was amazing to see behind the curtain of these seemingly impossible tricks.

But there was a way to do it.

Getting the energy, physique and fat loss results we want can sometimes seem that way too. It seems like magic that some people can do it and others can’t.

Well, I’ve spent many years learning about that magic trick.

And I’m about to pull back the curtain for you now.

Regarding exercise, nothing burns blubber and builds lean muscle like bodyweight exercises. There’s those magic moves again.

It goes back to all the extra physical and neurological development we’ve talked about with moving your own body through space.

The Eastern bloc sports scientists proved decades ago that this form of training produced many superior results – one of which was much increased fat burning.

When your body has to develop all the extra smaller muscles, the tendons, ligaments… better and new wiring for coordination, balance and ambidexterity… your cardiovascular system… strength, flexibility and mobility… all at the same time… your metabolism goes through the ROOF!

That’s why we see a greater hormone (including anti-aging hormones) and fat burning response from bodyweight training. Especially at higher repetitions and with the more multi-dimensional moves that fully engage the spine.

Here’s another little secret for you: There’s one particular spinal exercise that not only activates many important glands, but it really enlivens and balances the thyroid. And the health and vitality of your thyroid is KEY to fat loss.

Matt Furey has also added deep breathing to this exercise and calls it the most effective form of Chi Gung. It develops a POWERFUL calmness, energy, an in the flow state of mind, extra stamina and hormonal health.

Did you know that most of the fat we burn off leaves through our breathe?

Yep, sure does. Oxygen is the furnace.

A lot of people have lost 20lbs or more with Pam Grout’s ‘deep breathing for higher metabolism’ alone. What are you going to do with deep breathing combined with the best oxygen increasing, hormone jacking and fat burning exercises on the planet?

We go through this routine in detail in The Next Level Sports Program. It’s called NEXT LEVEL for good reason… it’s WAY ahead of the curve.

Order today, and see the fat melt off you like butter on a frying pan.

Brian Timlin

P.s. I have never seen anything like this. The men that do these special bodyweight exercises LOOK and ARE crazy athletic, vibrant and LEAN.

The girls that do these moves are… drop dead GORGEOUS, glowing, strong as a cat, fit as hell, lean and SCULPTED to PERFECTION.

Order now and you can do the same

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