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Flexible Dieting Requires Structure For Success

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Flexible Dieting while fantastic in theory still requires the same value as any thing else for success and that is planning ahead. For nutrition, fat loss, muscle building success a meal plan still will provide that structure and combined with a flexible diet is going to be the best platform.

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5 thoughts on “Flexible Dieting Requires Structure For Success

  1. yes yes yes yes planning is key!!! just planned my day around my Dinner Out tonight….For me as you said Meal Planning is not only having a “Set Meal Plan” but also planning what you want to eat. I do like different foods everyday. I get bored pretty easily when I eat the same foods everyday so I try to plan my day the night before..

  2. Great as always! I’m sure I speak for most when saying I’m interested in all you’re “cooking” up for your clients & audience. Thx for the seeds you’re sowing sir

  3. You just reminded me of the very first time that I tried tracking and weighing meals 10 years ago when I wanted to try doing my first show…I lasted two weeks and then my pounding headaches took over and caused me to give up lol. It’s absolutely an aquired skill that takes time to learn, but it brings along with it success and knowledge that can be passed on to help others who really want to achieve their goals. Thumbs up Paul!

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