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Forgotten Exercises for Mass and Fat Loss

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Oldies but great!
In no particular order I give you
The zercher squat
zercher deadlift
elevator bench
bradford press
Squeeze press
TBar row elbows out
Ahrens press
and a few more!

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6 thoughts on “Forgotten Exercises for Mass and Fat Loss

  1. I’m going to incorporate the elevator press. Not locking out is one of the best tips I’ve ever gotten. I am strong lower body but not upper body. When I was locking out on the bench press. I got an injury on trice. I have found out that not locking out I get better stimulus on the pecks. At least for me. I believe my trice was trying to alleviate stress from my joints. I wasn’t able to train for over two weeks. Had to do physical therapy.

  2. I have not performed any behind the neck movements for years now, either overhead barbell presses or pull-ups – compromises my shoulder health. I used to do them for years with no issues that I could determine, but after several decades of lifting, my shoulders are somewhat less stable than the first 30 years I trained, so I don’t even chance it anymore. If someone asked me for advice on shoulder and back work nowadays, I would recommend not incorporating behind the neck moves, even though no apparent pain or problems manifests itself. These days, I am considerably more careful on the exercises I choose.

  3. The V Pulls (upright rows for smart people) are excellent! I did them today in my workout – really get a great burn in the medial and posterior delts! Love ’em! I stopped doing upright barbell rows long ago because of all its associated dangers, and this DB replacement is highly recommended. I do these right after several sets of modified DB shrugs (up and towards the rear for posture training), and even though the V Pulls are not incorporating any significant trap assistance (if done correctly), my traps still are pumped from the shrugs, so I can feel them during the V Pulls. It all adds up to an awesome feeling!

    The lat pulls lying on your back on the floor, with bar overhead, are also a fantastic movement, using bodyweight for resistance. Even for veteran lifters, it is great, and makes for an excellent finisher exercise, really pumping the lats! I have a bar at home that fits in a standard doorway (adjustable tension against frame holds it in place), so I can do these right at home (no pullup bar or seated row machine at home).

    The squats with the bar cradled in the arms, along with the similar deadlift, are very unpleasant for me. I used to try them now and then back in the ’70s, along with front squats, and even though I liked the leg pump, I found the exercises were no better than my ability to withstand the bar pressing uncomfortably on me, either in my arms, or in the instance of the front squat, on my front delts. In the front squat, I would use a towel wrapped behind my neck, and then grasped with my hands, which I found more comfortable than a standard front squat holding position, but still, for maximizing ultimate power and size, the standard barbell squat was my favorite.

    Zottmans’ are a great variant for someone looking to mix up their biceps training now and then. I prefer them alternated. I also like a modified Zottman every once in a while, which is a supinated hand on the way up, but then on the way down, having the hand in the hammer curl position, facing the body. Your lat finisher on the cable machine is an excellent choice! That will really burn ’em!

  4. ” The goggles – they do nazzing!”
    LOL! Classic line

    Some new ones I learned today as elevator bench. Vpulls and the Cobras. . Well done

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