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One Unknown Strategy to Accelerate Fat Loss

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Greg O’Gallagher is a renowned fitness author and expert on Intermittent Fasting and building the Hollywood Physique. To date, he’s transformed hundreds of thousands of men and women all over the world. People from all walks of life have used his cutting edge and lifestyle focused approach to get in amazing shape and live the ‘Kinobody’ lifestyle.

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9 thoughts on “One Unknown Strategy to Accelerate Fat Loss

  1. Hope you enjoyed this video! Some fresh tactics to improve fat loss. Launching end of summer shred to drop 8-10 lbs of fat over the next 4-6 weeks. We will be following the AFL program, you can sign up here –

    1. Jeff’s Carrot Cake hi thx for the reply I appreciate it I don’t push till failure but I get a intense workout, 1 being pathetic workout 10 being failure. I do a 7, but you recommend me doing the same routine I’m doing now my body feels like I’m not pushing it to the it’s limit. Lastly 5 full body workouts means like chest 5 times and other body parts a week i consider tat overkill man

    2. Bryan S It depends on your training intensity. Advanced people can train full body 5 times a week, but this means they’re doing less volume (maybe not pushing to failure) each session so they’re not too fatigued the day after. Most people, however, try to get at least ~48 hours of rest before training the same muscle again, or every other day. It’s popular to train each body part 2-3 times a week so that you can spread volume instead of fitting it into one day a week

    3. Kinobody I have a question? Let’s say I workout legs on Monday, then I workout chest on Tuesday, then I workout abs on Wednesday, no break and continue with legs on Thursday, and chest on Friday? Do I need a break what is your opinion I would like to know???

  2. I played low d1 football, freshman year I came in weighing about 245 at 6’3 at the end of my he season I was at about 220 while looking like I was still 245 all this bull crap about not eating is just nonsense i was eating at LEAST 3,500 calories yes I’m burning a shit tone of calories but the average person can do the same by pushing their self what I’m trying to say is you don’t have to fast and it isn’t the best idea to lose weight eat your calories but just make sure you go hard in your training!

  3. So can someone in the military be on your program for gaining size (Greek god, Superhero bulk)? Because there is so much cardio in the military. Thanks:)

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